Find out if your household income qualifies for Alabama food stamps

Get your current Alabama EBT Card balance by phone or online

Find out your scheduled monthly EBT Deposit Date for your benefits

EBT retailers

Where to use your Alabama SNAP EBT benefits in-store and online

MyDHR Online Account Help

Get assistance with your online food stamps account through the Alabama MyDHR Food Assistance web portal.

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to login your Alabama MyDHR online account.

Create an Alabama MyDHR Online Account

Create a MyDHR Account

For new users, find out how to create an Alabama MyDHR online account to access SNAP benefits.

Get help on how to reset your Alabama MyDHR Password to login your account.

Alabama EBT Card Discounts

Find out how to save with your Alabama EBT Card

EBT Cardholders can qualify for discounted phone service, internet, Amazon Prime membership, museum admission & much more. Find out what discounts are available to you.

EBT Card Discounts

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Are you struggling with hunger and facing food insecurity?

Find out if you qualify for the Alabama Emergency Food Assistance Program and get help immediately.

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